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How to Recruit Members of Your Peer Support Circle

To recruit four to five people to fill out your Circle, here are many sources of potential Circle members, many of them in strong stress because of COVID-19.

Consider Sources of Potential Circle Members

Has anyone told you recently about some strong concern in their lives? For example, think about friends who have expressed concerns about the COVID-19 virus, employees who have lost their jobs, business owners who have lost many of their customers, members of organizations that you are affiliated with, contacts in your email, contacts in your social media and neighbors in your neighborhood. What about first-level responders? Students needing support to do online assignments?

Woman in online support group

Mention that you are gathering a few others who have some strong concerns in life and that it would help to just meet once in a while over the phone to help each other. Mention there's a way to do that and briefly describe the Peer Support Circle process. Ask them to take a minute to see the home page of this site.

Then Do a Brief Follow-Up

Then have a brief phone call. Don't be pushy. In the call, just:

  1. Ask what they thought about the information.
  2. Try to answer any questions they might have.
  3. Clarify that it's highly confidential and only 1.5 hours every couple of weeks.
  4. Add that it helps them, and let's them help others, too.
  5. Mention that they will be guided through the meetings.
  6. Promise to get back to them with any answers you didn't know yet.
  7. Contact us via the email address or Facebook page under "Contact Us."

"What has been most useful is the motivating 'kick in the butt' benefit."
– Kathy Hendrickson, Choices for Children, Hopkins, Minnesota

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