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About Us


The contents of, as well as the ongoing direct help, is a free offering from the personnel in Authenticity Consulting and Action Learning Source. We have been helping 1,000s of people to successfully organize peer coaching and support groups around the world since 1995. The design of the groups is adapted from Authenticity Consulting's Authenticity Circles.

Authenticity Circles and the associated materials have been used with peer groups ranging from grassroots' citizenry to employees of global multinational corporations, to people working in federal, state and county governments, to leaders of nonprofits and non-government organizations, small and large, around the world. The most common outcomes reported by group members are strong networking and support. We have repeatedly been told that our trainings and materials are foolproof. See a sample list of our clients and various case studies.


We would also like to thank these sponsoring organizations:

Usage of Materials

Materials marked with the Creative Commons license, CC-BY-NC-SA, at the bottom can be freely shared, as long as the attribution to the original source is included and the sharing is for non-commercial use. If someone wants to build on or customize these materials, that is allowed, as long as the resulting materials are then shared with the same Creative Commons license terms. Visit Creative Commons to learn more about licensing in this open access way.

People who are interested in using the materials for other than the support as described throughout the pages, should purchase training, consulting and materials from Action Learning Source or Authenticity Consulting, LLC, especially the virtual workshop Facilitating and Developing Peer, Group, Team and Organizational Coaching Programs. Other uses of peer coaching groups might include, for example:

  • Developing a group-based program for your professional development or employee development in an organization.
  • Offering peer support circles or peer coaching groups as a paid service.
  • Modifying the process for developing, for example, a coaching culture, coaching skills, leadership development, management development, supervisory development, networking, problem solving / goal achievement, support groups, team building and transfer of training. Each of these different uses involved a different design of a group-based program.