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How to Join or Start a Free Support Group: Guidelines and Tools

Peer Support Needed Now More Than Ever

The most important help that we get in life is the support from others. There are many benefits from it. Yet, we rarely recognize and embrace that kind of help. Intead, we seek -- and pay for -- the help of experts. This short video explains why mutual support is so important now, and how you already have the skills to help -- and get help from -- others.

Do You Need Support?

Are you feeling stressed about impacts of the COVID-19? Do you need more motivation and feedback to solve problems, achieve goals, complete online courses? Then you would benefit from a free support group or learning pod. Circles are for anyone. See "Need Support?" in the right sidebar.

Do You Want to Support Others?

Whom do you want to help? One other person? Small group of friends, business owners, first-level responders, health-care workers, lonely people, veterans, parents, students, unemployed? Then see "Give Support?" in the right sidebar.

Who We Are

We are an alliance of various professionals with decades of experience and expertise in organizing and facilitating successful support groups, as well training others how to do that. We realize the growing stress around the world and we want to help -- for free. Get a feeling for the power of support in our Circles.

Thank you!

"As the founder and current co-organizer of the Lean In Together MSP Network, I am incredibly grateful that our Network has adopted the peer coaching circle model. Members count on these groups for both support and accountability." – Linda Brandt