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Sharing Help Between Two People: Guidelines and Free Resources

Do Short Helpful Conversations

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There are three ways that support can be useful with another person. You can give support to the other. They can give support to you. You both can share it with each other.

Share and Reference This Tool

This type of tool has been used for over twenty years in helping others to successfully deal with different kinds of strong, current challenges in life and work. It concisely includes the best practices for a helpful conversation.

It does not have to be followed word for word, rather it suggests options for how to have a helpful conversation with others in emotional pain. You might share the tool with others in your conversations.
Reference for Supportive Conversations

"When we are peer coaching, we send two strong signals that enable us to trust others and open up with them. One is candour and the other is caring. Together these two signals - when in combination - communicate the highest level of trust known to man. We feel comfortable, safe, and trusting of the person and their intentions - a powerful combination for enhancing our relationships at work and at home." – Judith E. Glaser, CreatingWE Institute

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